Health, Safety and Environment is a cornerstone of all TTC divisions and projects operations.

TTC is committed to maintain the highest standards of HSE to ensure that it engages efficiently, responsibly and safety in society and sets an exemplary model for inside and outside industry. Our company seeks to continual improvement in its HSE procedures. Occupational Health, Safety and Environment policy stand as evidence of it top management commitment to HSE, indeed it is wholly committed to the highest standards of Health, Safety and the Environment in all aspects of its operations in Oman and complies fully with all laws, regulations and international codes governing safety maters.

TTC's HSE Department focuses on ensuring the safety of all employees and equipments, property's, customer services, clients' property and the protection of the general public.

The HSE Department has established HSE system and procedures for implementing the requirements of safety at all stage during operation of plant and machinery and the handling of materials. We provide our employees with personal protective equipments that need for the work they are doing and that conforms to the international standards relevant to work.

Safety awareness among employees is created in goals and targets and sustained through training programmes such as Fire prevention, HSE Induction, Electrical Safety, Stress, Manual Handling, Welfare etc. HSE inspection, SPOT Card (Safety Performance by Observation and Teamwork), HSE alerts and posters, HSE meeting are conducted periodically with the aim of discovering strengths and weaknesses and the operational area at risk in order to minimize losses through accident and damage to plant and equipments.